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  • Access to a trained professional coach- therapists, social workers,addiction counselors who charge over $100 for in-person sessions
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Friend-to-friend Goals

If you prefer to have a friend hold you accountable, you can choose a friend. Once they download firstmate you'll get

  • Reminders for your friend to check in
  • In-app progress tracking

*coaching is only available in the US

It’s amazing what a little human reminder will do for developing good habits. Since starting, I’ve been able to be much more consistent in making healthy food choices. That reminder stays with me and it gets easier everyday.

Rose, Product Manager in Tech

It’s surprising to me that in spite of my laziness, the travel and schedule changes, my coach managed to keep me committed! I’m delighted!

Oana, Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology

In the past I’ve had problems staying motivated to go to the gym. I needed someone to give me an extra push to go. Now, that there’s a real person on the other side of the push, I’ve been able to make a change.

Brandon, Feelance Designer

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